What's the point of "running a business" and doing it alone? We have partnered with several other entities who we both recommend and encourage you to use for more fun projects or giving back to the community.



Beach Bum Cares

We have teamed up with Beach Bum Cares, a non-profit organization, who receives your donated computer equipment and sends them to be used in schools in Jamaica or Dominican Republic. We accept your laptops, erase the data using government-grade erasing software to protect your information, and reload the laptop with open source software that can be used by the receiving group. In return, you receive a donation receipt for tax credit, plus a warm feeling somewhere inside. It's a two-fold win!


That Was Annoying to Learn

Alright, you got me! This is a blog written by ME! How can I be my own partner? It is because I run the site, and I am king of this internet castle. The blog site does a good job showing some of the things I have done and what I can do for you. These are things I found annoying but was willing to invest the time, effort, energy, sweat, tears, sometimes blood, and general face-palming so that others do not have to experience the same struggles I did. Go forth, read, enjoy, and be bored by it.

  That Was Annoying To Learn

Russ Walker: Wall & Associates Realty

Definitely. The. Best. Longtime friend as well as amazing realtor. I mean he left his normal 9-5 gut-wrenching job to pursue his passion of helping people find their house. He doesn't do it because he HAS to, he does it because he WANTS to! He has helped me find my dream home and lots of others. If you are in the Indianapolis area and want to find a new home, check him out (and ahem, we can help you make that new home a smart home--call me).

  Russ Walker